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"Serving financial professionals to enhance their competitive stance"

We are a principal and founding member of Insurance Designers, L.L.C. What was once a “study group” of friends has evolved into a national organization with offices in most of the major metropolitan centers of the United States. Our 50 plus offices give us access to many great ideas and some of the best minds in the business.

Insurance Designers serves you, the financial professional, as a resource to enhance each client relationship you have by expanding your competitive stance. We provide pre-sale and point-of-sale assistance in planning for estate, business, and personal packages. We will also be the liaison from start to finish, and beyond. Our office is there for you from initial case design, through underwriting, and after the policy is inforce.

Insurance Designers represents many of the major life insurance and annuity companies in the independent marketing channel. By combining the competitive features of several “A” and “A+” rated companies into a single organization staffed with well trained personnel, you, the financial professional, have a source that is unbiased in dealing with carriers.  Insurance Designers, by its nature, is marketing driven rather than management driven.

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